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Mega Man #40

MM 040 Cover

MM 040 Variant

Publication Details

40 (Forth)


August 27, 2014


Archie Comics

Cover price

$2.99 (United States)

Production Staff

Ian Flynn

Cover Artist

Jamal Peppers


Gary Martin


John Workman


Matt Herms


Paul Kaminski

Archie Mega Man Issue 040, or simply referred to as Mega Man #040, is the forty issue in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. It is the fourth and final part of the Dawn of X story arc. It is set to be released by August 27, 2014.

Official SolicitationEdit

The PULSE-POUNDING CONCLUSION to the latest crossover MEGA-event from Archie comics is here! "DAWN OF X" Part Four: The time-traveling adventure reaches its explosive finale as the mystery of Mega Man’s confrontation with the rogue Wily robot is revealed! X and the Maverick Hunters have their final showdown with the mechanical monsters! And Xander Payne’s fate comes to a startling conclusion! Don’t miss this crossover between iconic eras, with a SHOCKER-ENDING that will blow your mind! Featuring all-new cover art from Mega-artist supreme PATRICK "SPAZ" SPAZIANTE and a time-spanning variant cover by Colin Lawler!


Dawn of X - Part Four: InheritanceEdit

Short CircuitsEdit

Mega Man and Mega Man X were sitting at the table and drinking their E-Tanks as Mega Man wonders what happens to him in the next century. X thinks that its not a good idea to do it since it may damage the time stream. Mega Man still tries to give a hint about it and X replies to just wait and see on it. However, Sigma and Dr. Wily "accidentally" rips off the section of the Short Circuits panel and questions if they do it.

MM 040 Short Circuits


Cover ArtworkEdit

Preview PagesEdit

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