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Magnet Man

Magnet Man, from Mega Man #014.

Magnet Man, or known by his serial number DWN-018, is a character that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Magnet Man first appeared in Mega Man #014. One of the Ra Moon Robot Masters, Magnet Man was created by Ra Moon, who had used the blueprints from both Doctor Thomas Light and Doctor Albert Wily.

Magnet Man is looked as the "leader" of the Ra Moon Robot Masters, as he guides his "brothers" to accomplish given tasks. Magnet Man's Master Weapon is the Magnet Missile, which can let the user shoot magnets to inflect opponents with damage.


Spiritus Ex Machina/Proto-TypeEdit

MM 016 Growing Army

Magnet Man along with his Wily and Ra Moon Robot Master brethren.

After his most recent defeat, Dr. Albert Wily had fled to the Amazon Jungle. Realizing that an electromagnetic field was present in the area, specifically near the Lanfront Ruins, Wily was forced to travel on foot. However, upon going inside the Lanfront Ruins, Wily had discovered a dark secret inside: Ra Moon. Spiritus Ex Machina: Part One - Shaping the Future And thus, Wily, fascinated at Ra Moon's design, began to analyze Ra Moon. However, Ra Moon took Wily's laptop, and had began to rebuild the Wily Robot Masters. As the Wily Robot Masters were shortly rebuilt, immediately working on Wily's base inside the temple, Ra Moon had successfully created the first of the Ra Moon Robot Masters–that being Magnet Man–using the blueprints from Wily's computer. Magnet Man was used to deliver a message to Dr. Wily from Ra Moon, as the latter will answer Wily's plea on an army full of Robot Masters soon enough. Spiritus Ex Machina: Part Two - First, Do No Harm Magnet Man, along with Quick Man, Flash Man, and the newly-restored Shadow Man are then sent outside of the temple when an unknown target appears near in the temple boundaries. As Magnet Man and his three brethren had returned with the long-lost Blues Light, Dr. Wily had repaired the offline-Blues. Spiritus Ex Machina: Part Three - Desperate Measures Blues was then renamed "Break Man" and joined Wily's growing army of Robot Masters. Spiritus Ex Machina: Part Four - Whatever It Takes Proto-Type: Part Two - The Lonely Road

List of apperances Edit

Interior apperances Edit

  • Issue #014 (first apperance)
  • Issue #015 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #016 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #018: Proto-Type, Part 2 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #024 (non-speaking role)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #250 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #031 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #032 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #034: Shadow of Ra Moon, Part 1
  • Issue #036 (plus ending B)
  • Issue #043
  • Issue #044
  • Issue #049 (death)

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