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Mega Man Trade Releases Series
Vol. 2

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MM Vol 2 Cover
Mega Man Volume 2: Time Keeps Slipping is the second volume of the Mega Man comic series trade-paperbacks series published by Archie Comics. The volume consists of Time Keeps Slipping story arc from Mega Man Issues #05-08. It was released on February 29, 2012.

Official SolicitationEdit

The evil Dr. Wily has vanished from jail, Mega Man's sister Roll has been kidnapped, and Dr. Light is in federal custody! What's Mega Man to do? Can he turn the tide and save the day with the aid of the Robot Masters, or will they turn against Mega Man? This comic book-size, full-color graphic novel collects Mega Man comic book issues 5-8.

Reprinted StoriesEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Reasonable Doubt (MM#005)

Chapter 2Edit

Unresolved Issues (MM#006)

Chapter 3Edit

Reinforcements (MM#007)

Chapter 4Edit

Duplicity (MM#008)

Extras Edit

  • Variant cover gallery
  • Short Circuits 5-8
  • Concept designs for Roslyn Krantz & Gil Stern by Ben Bates
  • Designs for Time Man & Oil Man by Patrick Spaziante
  • Cover Sketches
  • Script and pencil selections from Issue #005
  • Character profiles: Time Man, Oil Man, Gilbert D. Stern, Roslyn Krantz, Sniper Joe & CWU-O1P


The cover for Volume 2 is the same cover from Issue #005

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