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Mega Man Trade Releases Series
Vol. 4

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MM Vol 4 Cover
Mega Man Volume 4: Spiritus Ex Macina is the fourth volume of the Mega Man comic series trade-paperbacks series published by Archie Comics. The volume consists of Spiritus Ex Macina story arc from Mega Man Issues #13-16. It was released on December 12, 2012.

Official SolicitationEdit

The explosive new chapter in the Mega Man mythology has arrived! What began as a conference to decide the future of advanced robotics turns to pandemonium when the Emerald Spears extremist group takes everyone at the A.R.T.S. hostage and threatens to blow up the robots present! It's up to Mega Man to lead Elec Man, Pharaoh Man and Quake Woman to save the day, but time is running out for our heroes! Collects Mega Man #13-16, plus tons of art and bonus features.

Reprinted StoriesEdit

Chapter 1Edit

Shaping the Future (MM#013)

Chapter 2Edit

First, Do No Harm (MM#014)

Chapter 3Edit

Desperate Measures (MM#015)

Chapter 4Edit

Whatever it Takes (MM#016)

Extras Edit

Short Circuits 13-16

  • Variant cover gallery
  • Cover process (tabloid-style cover)
  • Mega Man 16 cover rough pencils by Patrick Spaziante
  • Cover sketches
  • Cover concept gallery
  • Script and pencil selections from issues 13 and 16 by Ian Flynn and Jonathan Hill
  • Character concept art
  • Character profiles: Pharaoh Man, Dr. Cossack, Kalinka, Dr. Lalinde, Quake Woman, Harvey Greenleaf, Xander Payne, Ra Moon, Lanfront Ruins, Needle Man, Magnet Man, Gemini Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Snake Man, Shadow Man & Spark Man


The cover for Volume 4 is the same cover from Mega Man #014

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