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Mega Man Trade Releases Series
Vol. 5

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MM Vol 5 Cover
Mega Man Volume 5: Rock of Ages is the fifth volume of the Mega Man comic series trade-paperbacks series published by Archie Comics. The volume consists of Proto-Type story arc from Mega Man Issues #17 and #18 along with Issues #19 and #20. It was released on May 15, 2014

Official SolicitationEdit

Celebrate 25 years of Mega Man with the exciting next chapter in the Mega Man mythology in graphic novel! By popular demand, this latest volume introduces the saga of Blues, aka PROTO MAN! Who is this mysterious robot, and what special connection does he share with Mega Man? Fun, action, adventure and more in this collection! Collects issues #17-20.

Reprinted StoriesEdit

Chapter 1 Edit

Proto-Type, Part 1: Father and Son (MM#017)

Chapter 2Edit

Proto-Type, Part 2: The Lonely Road (MM#018)

Construction Derby (MM#017)

Cold Feat (MM#018)

Chapter 3Edit

Roll With it (MM#019)

Chapter 4Edit

Rock of Ages (MM#020)

Extras Edit

  • Afterword by Ian Flynn
  • Short Circuits 17-20
  • Variant cover gallery
  • Cover process
  • The saga of Proto Man
  • Script and pencil selections from issues 17 and 20 by Ian Flynn, Chad Thomas and Ryan Jampole
  • Character profiles: Blues, Concrete Man & Splash Woman


  • The cover for Volume 5 is the same cover from Mega Man #020, but with the image of Proto Man is from the cover of Mega Man #018's variant and replaces the image of Roll from the original cover.
  • This is the first trade paperback that is not named after a story arc.

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