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Mega Man Trade Paperback Series
Vol. 9

MM Vol 9 Cover
Mega Man Volume 9: Dawn of X is an upcoming Trade Release of the Mega Man comic series Trade-Releases published by Archie Comics. The trade will contain the Dawn of X story arc which took place in Issues #37-40. It is planned to be released by May 27, 2015.

Official SolicitationEdit

The complete MEGA MAN/MEGA MAN X Crossover is now available in graphic novel form! Set the stage for the upcoming WORLDS UNITE epic with the crossover that kicked things into gear for the blue bomber! Mega Man has dedicated his existence to helping humanity. One hundred years in the future, the super-advanced robot “X” has bridged the gap between man and machine. A weapon built by Dr. Wily, long thought lost, threatens to arise and cause mass chaos! It's an adventure that spans a century as Mega Man and X struggle to stop the mechanical menace and save the day! Don't miss the action and adventure in this historic crossover event! MEGA MAN VOL. 9 collects MEGA MAN #37-40.

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