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MM 005 Oil Man

Oil Man in Mega Man Issue #005.

Oil Man is a Robot Master in the Archie Mega Man Comic Series.


Oil Man is dark blue with his gloves and boots Navy Blue. His head resembles of an oil drip and his lips are covered with a scarf. His left arm is an oil blaster and his eyes are dark blue.


Times Keep SlippingEdit

List of apperances Edit

Interior apperances Edit

  • Issue #004 (first apperance)
  • Issue #005-008
  • Issue #011 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #012
  • Issue #017: Construction Derby (cameo)
  • Issue #019
  • Issue #021 (cameo)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #251 (non-speaking role)
  • Issue #033 (cameo)
  • Megaman Worlds Unite: Battles: Sonic Man Vs The Robot Masters

Cover apperances Edit

Short Circuits apperances Edit


  • Oil Man's original design, which was used in the Japanese Version of Mega Man Powered Up, was considered racist due to being a "Racist Stereotype" to black people. Although Archie Comics used the Original desigin, the artists instead, covered his mouth with a scarf to avoid any racial and in some cases, legal issues.
  • However, Oil Man's original design was snuck into the early version of Issue 038's variant, but replaced upon the issue's release.
  • The 'scarf design' Archie have created for Oil Man will be used for him in Jasco's Mega Man: The Board Game.
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