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Quotation1-1- While we're making introductions, this is Plant Man. He's a Robot Master I designed with Thomas' help. Thanks to his unique botanical basis, he managed to barely endure the blackout. Quotation2-1-
Dr. Astil, Mega Man #029
Plant Man

Plant Man, from Mega Man #035.

Plant Man, known by his serial number DAN-001, is a character that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. Plant Man's first appearance was technically in Worlds Collide #09, but his first appearance canon-wise was in Mega Man #028. He is a Robot Master built by Dr. Pedro Astil, with the assistance of Dr. Thomas Light. Plant Man was created as a keeper of a botanical garden, and can easily grow crops via his thorny vines.

Plant Man was the only remaining robot that survived the blackout, caused by Ra Moon, outside of the Ra Moon Robot Masters, Wily Robot Masters, and Break Man. Because of this, Dr. Astil and Plant Man traveled to Light Labs in order to revive Rock "Mega Man" Light, Auto, Rush, and his three of his Light Robot Masters brethren via protective coding. With Mega Man, Rush, and the three Light Robot Masters revived, they journeyed through the Amazon Jungle to cease the blackout. After the blackout was stopped and the world returned back to normal, Plant Man, Mega Man, and others went back to the Amazon Jungle to search for evidence on whether or not Dr. Albert Wily was innocent of the blackout.


When Worlds CollideEdit

WWC 09 All-Out War!

The entire Robot Master army, from Worlds Collide #09.

Plant Man was among the many Robot Masters that were revived by Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman after resetting both Earth and Mobius via the Genesis Wave. Part One - Kindred Spirits When Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man, along with their allies, arrived at below at the Wily Egg at the Skull Egg Zone, the heroes were forced to tackle every Robot Master, including Plant Man, before proceeding. Plant Man is quickly seen getting hit in the face by Sonic's elbow. Part Nine - All-Out War! However, thanks to the power of Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man, Mega Man used Chaos Control to restore the timeline of his planet. Earth was restored, and Plant Man has no memory of the battle that occurred in the Skull Egg Zone. Finale - Best of the Best

Breaking PointEdit

Plant Man was along with Dr. Astil at Mega City during Mega Man's birthday. However, when the party was cut short thanks to Break Man, a fight between Mega Man (with the help of Rush, Guts Man, Bomb Man, and Cut Man) and Break Man began. For the Bot Who Has Everything But, at the Amazon Jungle, deep inside the Lanfront Ruins, Ra Moon had set off a electromagnetic field that would disable all machines in the world minus any created or healed by Ra Moon (which means, Break Man, the Wily Robot Masters, and the Ra Moon Robot Masters survived). Because of this, Plant Man was among the robots that were shut offline. The Return

Blackout: Curse of Ra MoonEdit

List of apperances Edit

Interior apperances Edit

  • Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #250 (first (technical) apperance & non-speaking role)
  • Issue #028 (first (chronological) apperance & non-speaking role)
  • Issue #029
  • Issue #031
  • Issue #033 (cameo)
  • Issue #034: Shadow of Ra Moon, Part 1
  • Issue #035: Shadow of Ra Moon, Part 2

Cover apperances Edit

Short Circuits apperances Edit

  • Issue #029


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