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Quotation1-1- November 22nd, 21XX: With X's help, I have completed the first "Reploid". Although I don't completely understand how all of Dr. Light's systems work, I was able to make some minor modifications, and the reploid seems to be functioning perfectly. Quotation2-1-
Dr. Cain, Mega Man #034
MM 034 Daily Reploids

Reploids helping out civilians, from Mega Man #034.

A Reploid is a group that appears in the Mega Man comic series published by Archie Comics. The reploids first appeared in the Mega Man comic in Mega Man #034. A sub-species of robots based off of the designs of Mega Man X created by Doctor Thomas Light, the reploids were officially created on November 22nd, 21XX by Doctor Cain.

The reploids have a unique ability unlike any robots in which they have human emotions and a free will, much like their spiritual father, Mega Man X. The reploids can naturally co-exist with humanity due to their human-like features, and were designed to help civilians with everyday tasks. The reploids are thought to be the "next evolutionary step in robotics." reploids have an incredible potential, as they are vastly intelligent due to their ability to think on their own.


The X-FactorEdit

Dr. Light had originally wanted robots such as X to be recognize and to help mankind, but seeing as the time period when he created X was far too infant nor ready for X, Dr. Light had sealed X away in a capsule, addressing to anyone that finds X to not open the capsule until thirty years. Unfortunately, Dr. Light would never be able to see the day when robots like X would co-exist with humans. X was sealed on September 18th, 20XX. The first reploid was created on November 22nd, 21XX, several months after Dr. Cain had found Mega Man X. By January 3rd, 21XX, the reploids have become accepted within society and are being made by the hundreds everyday. The X-Factor - Part One

MM 035 Maverick Hunters

Sigma and his squadron of reploids known as the Maverick Hunters.

Unfortunately, there were soon irregular activity of the reploids, dubbed as "maverick" activity, around the city of Arcadia, as several terrorist activity of mavericks have been present in the past few months. Soon, it became a problem big enough to address, as Dr. Cain was sent to the Arcadia Council Chamber to discuss with the Arcadia Council whether or not the production of reploids are to be halted. However, Dr. Cain had suggested the Maverick Hunters, a group that is similar to the police but for reploids. Months later, Sigma, who had taken full control of the Maverick Hunters, and his squadron–Vile, Spark Mandrill, Flame Stag, Boomer Kuwangeer, and Gravity Beetle–had approached an abandoned facility where a robot named "Zero" was causing havoc. Sigma was able to subdue Zero, but with a cost of him having a purple scar per eye. While most of this is happening, Mega Man X still thinks that a resistance group meant to kill any mavericks isn't the correct thing to do. The X-Factor - Part Two